"Man cannot be at peace with himself while he is at war with nature."

Édis Milaré

Milaré Lawyers

Pioneer in environmental law practice in Brazil, MILARÉ ADVOGADOS acts, for more than two decadesWe provide legal and technical services to the most varied economic sectors, seeking to make our clients’ interests compatible with the environmental protection and compensation instruments provided by law, thus providing continuity to the business without compromising the principles of sustainability.

Édis Milaré

ÉDIS MILARÉ, founder of Milaré Advogados, is a graduate of the Mackenzie University Law School in São Paulo. Master’s and Doctorate, from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, in Diffuse and Collective Rights, concentration on Environmental Law. Retired Justice Attorney, he was the creator of the Coordination of Environmental Prosecutors in the Public Prosecution Service of the State of São Paulo.

Books and Publications

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