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The Public Civil Action after 10 years

The incorporation of Law 7.347/85 – the Public Civil Action Law, as it is known – into the positive legal system, in addition to providing Legal Science with a step of undeniable progress, also broadened the legal boundaries of civil society. The fact is that the latter, due to the institutionalization of diffuse interests, and the correlative procedural legitimacy granted to entities qualified to defend them in court, has opened new horizons so that inalienable sociocultural values can be protected in court. The Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Judiciary, institutions immanently linked to the Rule of Law and Democracy, have since acquired a new level of participation in the debate in which the foundations of nationality are launched and renewed.From 1985 to 1995, in this ten-year period, the application of Law 7.347/85 revealed the wisdom of the gesture of enacting it, which the procedural practice soon confirmed, along with a rich doctrinal vein, elaborated by the doctors of the law. The 1988 Constitution and subsequent ordinary laws, expanding its scope of effectiveness, along with edifying jurisprudence, served to demonstrate the superior insight that inspired the act of sanctioning the project prepared by distinguished jurists from São Paulo.In honor of this decade, a very important milestone for Brazilian Law, the present legal work was organized with the invaluable collaboration of the Editora Revista dos Tribunais, which gathers texts by national authors who are very fond of the theme and, in special, of the genesis of the law that disciplined, among us, the ideological action. Spring 1995.Édis Milaré General Coordinator

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