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Manual of Public and Private Law – 19Th Ed

With the experience of several years in the exposition of the subject, the authors were able to condense the wide and complex subject into a practical, easy and objective guide. It presents in accessible and clear language all the concepts and notions necessary to understanding of Law. It is about a true guide, to indicate the paths to be followed and the point to be examined in depth. And, making the volume even more practical and useful, the aspects of biggest controversy or biggest and current interest are enriched by studies of concrete cases, based on precedents, which facilitates the contact of the beginner with court decisions, at the same time it allows the discussion and deepening of these subjects. This 19th edition was thoroughly reviewed and it is updated according to the Civil Code of 2002, the EC 45/2004, the Court and Out-of-Court Supervised Reorganization and Bankruptcies Law (Law 11.101/2005), Drugs Law (Law 11.343/2006), Domestic and Familiar Violence Against Women Law (Law 11.340/2006), Biding Precedent Law (Law 11.417/2006), Law 11.464/2007, that has changed Heinous Crime Law, and Decree 6.514/2008, that has regulated violations and environmental administrative sanctions, among many other important legislative innovations.

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