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Environmental Criminal Law – 2nd Edition.

Environmental protection has been a permanent item on the agenda of many nations since Rio 92, the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, which has just celebrated its 20th anniversary. In the meantime, the imputability of legal entities for environmental crimes has opened new perspectives for environmental protection. Hence, Law 9.605/1998, known simply as the “Environmental Crimes Law”, was created among us, and has driven, in legal and administrative circles, the study and application of new precepts. This book seeks to respond to the new needs of doctrine and legal interpretation, in accordance with the ecological and socioeconomic context of Brazil. Its authors, renowned jurists, have excelled in doctrinal exposition, seeking to make it accessible to both legal scholars and a wider audience of environmental scholars and managers. The work is updated in line with the New Forest Code, with Law 12,727/2012, and with the modern hermeneutics of the responsibility of individuals and legal entities under Administrative Criminal Law. The target is always this: to preserve the environment, with its ecological balance, and the planet’s resources, now seriously threatened.

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