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Infrastructure in Environmental Law

Coordinators: Édis Milaré, Roberta Jardim de Morais, Priscila Santos Artigas, André Luís Coentro de Almeida“The implementation and operation of national infrastructure projects have a common interface with environmental law. After all, large works end up generating significant impacts on the socio-environmental environment, leaving environment managers and legal operators, among other equally important players, with the great challenge of correctly applying environmental regulations when it comes to environmental assessment, installation, and operation of such projects. And faced with this challenge, the present book seeks to compile various nuances of the involvement of environmental norms with the major Brazilian port, airport, waterway, and highway infrastructure projects.The book intends to bring the knowledge of several renowned players in the infrastructure sector about situations experienced, legal interpretations, and personal evaluations regarding the incidence of environmental rules in the environmental assessment, installation, and operation of ports, airports, waterways, and highways. The objective is to allow a better reflection on the difficulties faced by the infrastructure sector in the environmental licensing processes, the successful experiences, and the practical and legal alternatives for solving the various impasses experienced. All the effort made by the authors certainly ends up clashing with the inevitable confrontation of the constant conflicts between the absolute need for environmental preservation and the imperious process of economic development, which certainly does not proceed – because it requires the essential transportation of goods and passengers – without the implementation and operation of ports, airports, waterways, and highways.”

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